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Arr how’s ya shift goin’"BWAHHH"Attempted fnaf doodling again, it’s now 6am b y e


Arr how’s ya shift goin’"BWAHHH"
Attempted fnaf doodling again, it’s now 6am b y e



the big bang theory makes me furious and it’s for a reason not a lot of people bring up which is that it has a lot of really interesting and even important themes that get totally fucking turned around in its sexist, racist, unfunny bullshittery.


  1. an immigrant poc
  2. two women who do not fit the mold of “conventionally attractive” (one is short, rotund, large nosed, and has a high, nasal voice, the other is extremely plain, dowdy dressed, has a monotone nasal voice) but are both portrayed as desirable romantic love interests
  3. actually, apart from one female character, none of the central cast are conventionally attractive
  4. one of them has a cognizant disorder (autism)
  5. one of them is an alternate sexuality (asexual)
  6. another female cast member is confident, self-aware of her own faults and shortcomings, unashamed of them, sexually confident and unperturbed by social labels deriding that (“slut, whore”), and the physically and emotionally strongest member of the whole cast
  7. previously mentioned conventionally unattractive women are two of the most intelligent members of the show and are leading in their field based on their own merits
  8. it displays an asexual romantic relationship between two of the main characters
  9. it had a run with a character with severe MI (crippling social anxiety)

like, don’t fucking lie to me, if i described this show to you before the big bang theory ever existed, you would be like, “what the hell that sounds great”

but then look at what we’re actually given, where all these great themes only exist to be used as punchlines. where the (sole) poc character regularly makes racist remarks about his own background and culture, and not in a “its my culture so i can do it” way, because you’re regularly reminded that he’s from an upper class family and lived in comfort and luxury and regularly makes derisive remarks about the destitution of his home country. and the strongest character of the show is regularly mocked and belittled. and the ace couple is regularly treated as a joke by both the shows and characters, and they’re aware of it, because at one point amy actually gets seriously upset and says, “they think our relationship is a joke [because it’s not sexual],” and that would be actually a really strong moment except that previously they set her up to be pushing for a sexual relationship because of her stupid lady hormones that make her all hysterical and emotional and she implicitly agrees that their relationship is less real and valid because of the lack of a sexual component because she uses it as a way to coerce her partner into pushing his own comfort levels and boundaries. and the character with severe social anxiety that drives her to having panic attacks in public situations like being at a shop or restaurant or generally interacting with anyone she doesn’t know? is constantly the butt of jokes and her boyfriend regularly shames her for her crippling MI (the boyfriend being raj, by the way, who is the most misogynistic character in the show, even more so than sheldon, which is amazing)! and the only time she stands up for herself is when she dumps him and then he’s positioned to be the sympathetic figure in the situation!!

the big bang theory is awful not because it’s just stupid and racist and sexist and terrible and unfunny. it’s awful because it has a lot of elements that could make it a great amazing show but they’re regularly trampled on and mocked and every time it even comes close to showing something actually really astounding and even ground-breaking, it turns around and spits on it. it’s one of the worst shows on television because it cock-teases you with its potential and then gets so mired in its own stinking bullshit. it’s fucking terrible and i hate it so much and i’m so mad at what it has achieved in terms of representation because it’s doing more harm than good.

The Big Bang Theory is a great example of representation in media done completely wrong.

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Some transparent Goodras based on different kinds of nudibranchs for you and your nerd blog. (free for noncommercial use)

on the ice bucket challenge



my dad died from ALS when i was 3 years old. he was 36. my mom was 33. that was 30 years ago. now i’m the same age my mom was when my dad died. and there is still no cure for ALS. 

this is what happens when you have ALS: your muscles slowly stop working, one part at a time. for my dad, first he couldn’t use one of his hands. then his arm. then the other arm. then he couldn’t walk. then he couldn’t stand up. then he couldn’t talk. then he couldn’t swallow. then he couldn’t breathe. then he was dead.

this all took about two years. he was diagnosed when i was about one year old. the only memories i have about my dad are of an inert body in a wheelchair or lying in a bed with a bunch of tubes stuck into it. as i was learning to talk, he was losing the ability to speak. as i was learning to walk, he stopped being able to move. my mom often had to choose between who she was going to help go to the bathroom at any given moment: her husband or her toddler.

after my dad died, my mom took over the philadelphia chapter of the ALS association. it consisted of a shoebox full of notecards with names on it. now it is a multi-million dollar organization with a large staff. she is still in charge. my mom is one of the most amazing people on the planet, basically.

these past couple weeks have been mind-boggling. i have openly wept watching so many of these videos. i still don’t completely get how all of this has happened, but now we live in a world in which lil wayne and taylor swift and oprah and justin timberlake and weird al and bill gates talk about ALS. my mom just emailed me this sentence: “lebron james ice bucket challenge.” i mean, IS THIS REAL LIFE?! i just keep saying over and over: holy shit. holy shit. holy shit.

so far, it has raised over 10 million dollars… and counting. my mom has spent every single day of her life for the past three decades trying to get this kind of attention and funds for this disease.

i don’t care if it’s a stupid gimmick. i don’t care if people are just doing this because it’s trendy or because they want pats on the back. i don’t care if it’s the new harlem shake. i don’t care if for the rest of my life, when i talk about ALS, i have to say “you know, the ice bucket disease.”

please, everybody, please keep pouring buckets of ice over your heads. please keep donating money. please keep talking about this.

my mom’s chapter: 

p.s. the only reason i haven’t done my own ice bucket challenge yet is because i wanted to do it with my mom. we’re seeing each other next week, so it will happen then, i promise.

Think about this next time you think it’s just a stupid gimick

Stop making books about freedom and rebellion into movies about romance.



in one of The Giver trailers, the narrator literally says “In a world where love is forbidden, they will fight to bring it back.” like okay that’s not what the book is about at all




A moment of silence as The Giver joins Percy Jackson in the graveyard of horrendously inaccurate movie adaptations

I heard there was a movie and got excited.
I saw the preview and got angry.



when you accidentally type tis instead of its


This is my new favourite reaction image.

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Finished! I particularly like how the pumpkins turned out. :3

WIPs of my first-ever order from Etsy! The pumpkin faces, moon, and stars (once I add the stars, anyway) will all glow in the dark.